Are you looking for pistol training?  If you are, you’ve come to the right place!  Whether you’re a new shooter with no experience, or an advanced shooter with years or more of experience or a military and/or law enforcement background, Makhaira Group can help you learn and improve.

Basic & Intermediate Courses

Our basic/CCW course is great for those with little or no previous experience and allows even the novice shooter to acquire their concealed carry permit in Colorado.

The Defensive Pistol I course is designed for the beginner to intermediate student.  This course also enables you to receive your CCW permit, but moves into intermediate skills such as malfunction clearances, drawing from a holster and shooting around cover.

Advanced Courses

Tactical Pistol II

Using the ‘crawl, walk, run,’ methodology, Tac Pistol II builds on the techniques in the Defensive Pistol I course.  Shooters will learn or reinforce techniques such as dynamic movement, close quarters shooting, weak hand fire and reloading, shooting from unconventional positions, weapon retention and more.

Low Light Pistol

This course also builds on the techniques presented in Defensive Pistol I.  The shooter will learn to identify targets in low light situations, the benefits of a separate flashlight over a weapon mounted light, various methods of shooting the pistol with a handheld light and more.

Tactical Pistol III

Building on the Tac Pistol II techniques, this course takes the shooter to the advanced level with techniques such as engaging multiple targets from various angles, reactive targets (steel & explosive), vehicle tactics, shooting on the move, advanced barricade shooting and much more.

Advanced Gun Fighting III

The crawl, walk, run methodology culminates in the Advanced Gun Fighting III course.  Once a student has successfully completed both Tactical Pistol III and Tactical Rifle III, they can take the Advanced Gun Fighting course which puts both weapon platforms together in an exciting full day course.

No matter your skill level, Makhaira Group can help you learn and improve.