Headquartered in Northern Colorado, Makhaira Group (pronounced “ma-kai-ra”) is the leading public safety education and training company in Colorado and the entire Rocky Mountain region, dedicated to providing solid solutions rooted in current, real-world experience. We provide training in all areas of self defense including firearms training, concealed carry certification (CHL), and tactical pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

The word “Makhaira” is Greek for a short, fighting sword (Wiki Makhaira) used in close quarters battle.  In biblical reference, it is the word used for “sword” when describing the “sword of the Spirit” (see Ephesians 6:10-17).

Founded and led by a veteran Navy SEAL, Makhaira Group only teams with subject matter experts (SME’s) with real-world experience. Our instructors and team members are committed to serving you with their proven experience and knowledge.

Simply put, we don’t train for our egos – we train for your knowledge and skill.

Our mission is simple: Provide the law abiding citizen, law enforcement officer and military operator with the most appropriate, relevant, and up-to-date instruction you need to provide safety and security for you, your loved ones, your neighbors and your country.

Through dynamic classroom and hands-on training, we strive to equip every student with the knowledge and skills to handle any emergency that might arise.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge and skill level either personally or professionally, Makhaira Group stands ready to serve you.

Mark Hotaling

Mark Hotaling

Founder and President

US Navy SEAL (Former) Naval Special Warfare Sniper (Advanced Marksman) Communications and Electronics Specialist Tactical Air Control Party/Close Air Support (TACP/CAS) certified Military Freefall (MFF) Parachutist Explosive, Mechanical, Ballistic and Thermal Breacher (AAE) Advanced SEAL Instructor, GROUPONE TRADET US Navy Range Safety Officer NAVSPECWAR Diving Supervisor Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) US Department of State, Diplomatic […]

Mike Loberg

Mike Loberg

Executive Vice President

SWAT Team Commander (Current) Law Enforcement Officer (Current), Lieutenant Less-Lethal Impact Weapons Instructor (Current) Certified SIMUNITION Instructor (Current) LE Tactics Instructor and Tactics Team Leader (Current) Active Shooter Instructor (Current) SWAT Sniper Team Leader (Former) SCBA Instructor (Current) Military Police Officer (Former) Event and Facility Site Security Manager (Current)  

Tim Fox

Tim Fox

Vice President of Operations

SWAT Sniper Team Leader (Current) Law Enforcement Officer (1996-Present), Sergeant Five Iraq and Afghanistan deployments with a tier 1 international security firm TASER Instructor DefTec Distraction Device Instructor KOGA Self Defense/Arrest Control/Baton Instructor NRA Certified Instructor (Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun)  

Mark Caughlin

Mark Caughlan

Vice President of Training

Law Enforcement Officer (1995-Present), Lieutenant SWAT Team Member (Former) NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor NRA Certified Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor Colorado POST Certified FTO Boat Patrol Instructor US Coast Guard Marine Patrol Officer School (Graduate) Certified SIMUNITION Instructor (Current) Certified Colt, Remington and Glock Armorer