Intermediate Courses

Basic Pistol 102

The Basic Pistol 102 class is a range only session, reviewing the fundamentals of marksmanship with a focus on improvement of accuracy and safe gun handling skills learned in Defensive Pistol 100.
Completion of Basic Pistol 101 + Basic Pistol 102 = Defensive Pistol 100

Defensive Pistol 120

Defensive Pistol 120 is a range only session building on the fundamentals of marksmanship while introducing advanced skills and weapon manipulation. The focus will be on improvement of accuracy during combat grip shooting, strong hand only, and support hand only shooting. This session will also include safe gun handling during one handed emergency reloads, malfunction clearance and drawing from the holster.

Red Dot Pistol 135

Red Dot 135 is for the red dot equipped pistol shooter who wants to take their shooting to the next level.  Practice gun fighting skills designed to expand on your basic understanding of the red dot sight system and push your weapon platform to new limits.

Low Light Pistol 140

Begin to build your ability to shoot in low light and dark conditions.  Learn to use various light techniques both with weapon mounted light platforms as well as handheld light sources while engaging targets at various ranges.

Low Light Pistol 145

Low Light Pistol 145 is for the shooter who has successfully completed the Low Light 140 who wants to expand their skills.  Bring your illumination systems to bear against multiple targets, with movement, and utilizing cover and concealment utilizing single handed manipulations of your weapon platform.

Force on Force 150

Force on Force 150 will help you work through real-life events and teach you proven survival techniques through reality based scenarios. Students will be taught how to tactically make decisions in high stress situations and how to use real world techniques to survive a variety of violent encounters. Force-on-force scenarios using non-lethal marking cartridges make this training as real as it gets!

Night Vision 100

Makhaira Group’s Night Fighter classes are designed to develop advanced Gun Fighting skills in little-to-no light environments including: fundamentals, basic theory/technical explanation, gear set-up, use and dexterity, marksmanship, and moving while shooting individually and in a two-man team. The Night Fighter 100 classes provide night vision fundamentals and familiarization, dexterity and movement drills (non-firing), and Live fire marksmanship drills & fundamentals. All students will be provided an OPSIN DNVM1 Digital Night Vision Device to use during the class at no cost.

Gun Fighter 100

Gun Fighter 100 is designed to develop advanced Gun Fighting skills including: fundamentals, gear selection and set-up, communication, marksmanship, and moving while shooting individually and in a two-man team. This class provides gear familiarization and transitioning from primary to secondary weapons system fundamentals. Students will receive instruction on gear set-up, when/how to communicate, and reloading/transitioning drills.

Long Range Precision Rifle 100

This 3-day, intermediate/advanced level rifle course is designed to give the long range marksman (both hunter and range shooter) the knowledge and skills necessary to employ the rifle system accurately and effectively at ranges beyond what you are accustomed to. This is not exclusively a tactical course nor is it a Hunter’s Education course.  The Long Range Precision Rifle Course is designed to provide the student with a solid core foundation of the fundamentals of marksmanship and an understanding of the basic principals and theories required to establish precision at extended ranges.

  • Recommended Prerequisite: If you are a beginner, we recommend taking one of Scoped Rifle courses prior to this course