Compact Flashlight Defense - 12/12/2017

2 People facing each other using a flashlight for self defense

Compact Flashlight Defense – 12/12/2017


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Compact Flashlight Defense

The Compact Flashlight Defense course was designed to maximize the tool that you can utilize anywhere and under any circumstances.

Whether you travel by plane, enter government buildings, are out in public or at a facility that restricts weapons, you will always be armed with a highly effective self-defense weapon.

Life comes at you fast, are you ready?

Course Description

This coed course is designed to give any person the knowledge and skills to utilize a tactical flashlight for personal defense.

The Compact Flashlight Defense course is for people that have any (or no) level of self-defense or combative training experience. The absolute key to utilizing any self-defense product or method is the ability to actually remember how to deploy the item or knowledge during a high-stress event.

While there is a multitude of products and “systems” on the market, volume does not trump quality when faced with a combative situation. The reality is that if you were to spend a day learning 100 things to do when faced with real danger, stress will wipe away any remembrance of prior training in the blink of an eye.

Our philosophy is a bit different. We teach a few movements that can be easily repeated and used in several different situations. Simplicity is the key to winning a violent encounter. Simply stated: quality above quantity.

With a proper classroom foundation, we then spend the majority of our training time reinforcing the gross motor skills so that whether you remember what the instructor said or not, your body will respond with the movement it was taught through repetitions.

The lecture portion of this class is limited as this is an aptitude class emphasizing gross motor skills.

Required Equipment

  • A high-quality, high-output, compact tactical flashlight (see below)
  • Any food or snacks that you wish for a 4 hour period
  • We will provide all class materials, beverages, and training aids.

Additional Course Information

Class size:  Limited to 16 students (minimum of 8).

Length:  4 hours total

This course is held on Tuesday, December 12th from 6pm-10pm at the Liberty Firearms Institute.  This is an amazing state of the art facility located at 4990 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Johnstown, CO.

Don’t have a high quality, high output, tactical light? Don’t worry and PLEASE don’t go out and waste your money. We will have the wide variety of the lights we carry everyday that won’t break your bank available for you at the class. These are the exact same lights that we and our families use everyday.

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