“The walls of Sparta were its young men, and its borders the points of their spears.” – King Agesilaos

Far beyond what most people will ever experience outside of military special operations, Advanced Gun Fighting 3 (Rifle and Pistol) destroys the mold for firearms combatives and will take you to a level you never thought possible.

This course is a fast-paced, hands-on, live-fire course utilizing both the primary and secondary weapons that focuses on dynamic movement and accurate, surgical shooting.

Even if you have taken this course in past, you are going to want to come back again. This course is constantly evolving as we add new drills, skills, and scenarios.

Topics Covered

360 degree control of the gun fight

Continuous (realistic) transitions from primary to secondary weapon

Extreme close range engagement

Non-traditional gun fighting

Shooting on the move

Advanced barricade shooting

Shooting from a vehicle (stationary and moving)

Advanced stress-fire situations

Engaging multiple targets from varying angles

Multiple target types (paper, reactive steel, and exploding)

Methods for increasing speed and accuracy

Communication and movement between partners

Rapid threat analysis and acquisition

Strong and reaction side shooting

Physical Requirements

Each student must be able to:

Run 100 yards in full gear

Do 25 consecutive push-ups in full gear

Do 25 jumping jacks in full gear

Class size: Limited to 16 students (minimum of 7)

Required Equipment

Good working, serviceable AR-15/M4 with tactical sling. If you wish to us a different weapon system, please contact us before registering for approval. Class 3 and suppressed weapons are permitted (please bring appropriate paperwork).

300 rounds of quality rifle ammunition (Factory, non-steel core ammo only. Please check your ammo if there is any question. No home reloads allowed due to insurance.)

3 rifle magazines minimum with carrier (belt, thigh or chest carry). It is recommended you bring as many magazines as you would normally carry in your gear. Please do not load your magazines beforehand as we will be doing different load-outs at the beginning and throughout the day.

Good working, serviceable pistol.

150 rounds of pistol ammunition (Factory ammo only. No home reloads allowed due to insurance.)

Belt or thigh holster for pistol.

3 pistol magazines total with carrier (belt or waist preferred). Please do not load your magazines beforehand as we will be doing different load-outs at the beginning and throughout the day.

Eye protection.

Ear protection (electronic preferred).

Knee or elbow pads (optional but recommended).

Gloves (optional but recommended).

Baseball style hat (to keep brass from getting behind eye pro).

“Battle rattle” or advanced load out (optional)

Additional Course Information

Prerequisite: Satisfactory graduation from both MG Tactical Pistol 2 and MG Tactical Rifle 2. Current military, government contractors and LEO please contact us to see if you qualify for this course.

Time and Length: 12:00pm-6:00pm (1 hour classroom, and 5 hour range).

Tuition: $225 per student ($200 for alumni)

Location: This course is typically held on a Saturday at Great Guns Sporting, 16126 Co Rd 96, Nunn, CO.  For more information on this outstanding facility, visit their website at www.GreatGunsSporting.com.

Questions on this class? Please contact Contact Us before registering.

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