NRA Range Safety Officer Certification-06/29/2017 and 07/06/2017

June 29, 2017


4990 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Johnstown, CO 80534   View map



The NRA Range Safety Officer program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally recognized range safety officer certification. NRA Range Safety Officers are people who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

Course Prerequisites

Range Safety Officers should be experienced shooters, involved in many aspects of target shooting, training, and range supervision. The NRA encourages active shooters to learn more and become responsible for the safety of fellow shooters through this program.  You must be 21 to attend this course.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course
  • The Role of the NRA Range Safety Officer and Range Standard Operating Procedures
  • Range Inspection and Range Rules
  • Range Safety Briefing
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Firearm Stoppages and Malfunctions
  • Test and Review

Course Completion:

You must complete all six lessons and a short test with a 90% pass rate in order to become a certified Range Safety Officer.

Additional Course Information

Course Dates and Times:

This course will be held on two consecutive Thursday nights (attendance on both nights is required) on June 29th and July 6th from 5:30pm-10:00pm each night.

Course Instructors:

This course is taught by NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officers from Makhaira Group.

Course Location:

Liberty Firearms Institute, 4990 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Johnstown, CO

Course Disclaimer:

It is important to note that The National Rifle Association does NOT certify or in any way approve ranges or range designs for any purpose. While every effort has been made to provide up-to-date technical information, this course is in no way to be used as a substitute for, or in lieu of, consultation with architects, engineers, and attorneys who should be called upon to make specific recommendations for individual range design, construction, and use of shooting ranges.

You must be a legal citizen of the United States in order to take this course.

I affirm the following:

  • I am a citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident of the United States;
  • I am not an employee of any foreign corporation, business association, partnership, trust, society or any other entity or group that is not incorporated or organized to do business in the United States, or any international organization, foreign government or any agency or subdivision of a foreign government (e.g., diplomatic mission); and
  • I may lawfully attend this school and lawfully receive assistance, training, data and information regarding firearm ranges; I have read and understand the requirements and restrictions on attending this training and the information I have provided is true and accurate.

Course Registration and Payment:

$125 per person.  Tuition covers all classroom materials, training aids, and reporting of attendance/test results with the NRA.  There is a modest additional fee charged by the NRA for your certification.

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