CPR/First Aid - 10/08/2017

October 8, 2017


4990 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Johnstown, CO 80534   View map


Luckily, the vast majority of incidents a prepared citizen encounters are of a medical nature rather than violent attack. Slips and falls, scraped knees, choking, heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, anaphylactic shock, and other illnesses and injuries occur on a daily basis across the country. This course will train you to act as a true “first responder,” providing basic life support and care until emergency services arrive. Includes American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid certification, as well as training in current practices in common medical incidents you may encounter.

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Prerequisites: None. This course is intended for students with little or no previous medical training.

Course Topics

• Rescuer duties
• Making the decision to provide aid
• How to assemble and maintain a first aid kit
• How to assemble and maintain a trauma kit
• Scene assessment
• When and how to call 911
• Victim privacy
• Medical Emergencies
o Treatment of syncope (fainting)
o Interventions for choking adults, children, and infants
o Identifying and treatment of severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis
o Signs and symptoms of heart attack
o Identification and treatment of diabetic emergencies
o Identification and treatment of stroke
o Identification and treatment of seizures
o Treatment for shock

• Trauma Emergencies
o External vs. Internal bleeding
o When, how, and why to apply a tourniquet
o Treating facial trauma
o Treatment of amputations
o When, how, and why to stabilize the spinal column of trauma patients
o Identification and initial treatment of broken bones
o Treatment of sprains and strains
o Treatment of thermal, chemical, and electrical burns
o Treatment of bites and stings
• Heat- and Cold-related injuries
• Identification and initial response for poisoning
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) practical training and certification
• Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) practical training and certification

Required Equipment

• Any food or snacks that you wish to eat in a 6 hour class
• We will provide all class materials, beverages, and training aids.
• American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid certification is included in cost of course

Additional Course Information

Class size:  Limited to 20 students (minimum of 5).

Length:  6 hours total

Tuition: $60 per student  (No Alumni Discount offered because of the reduced rate)

Locations and times:  This course is held at Liberty Firearms Institute, 4990 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Johnstown, CO, on Sunday, October 8th from 1:00 pm-7:00 pm in classroom #1.  This is an AMAZING, state-of-the-art facility! For more information on this premier facility, go to www.libertyrange.com.  You do not need to be a member of LFI to attend our course. Food is not served at this course but you are welcome to bring you own and eat during the classroom portion.

By registering for this course, you agree to the Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy.

Questions on this class? Please contact the Makhaira Group before registering.

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